Friday, the 7th of July


Talking about intensive cooperation between four countries, US, Brazil, Philippines and Timor Leste, to possibly become an international province was a recommendation out in the 2017 Chapter. Three countries (US, Brazil, Philippines) went through the whole process and jointly presented their vision for the future. A presentation full of hope and expectation, to which there was an enthusiastic response and on which a recommendation for the new board will be made.

When an international province is created, it has implications for the structure. In the preparations for the Chapter there were several suggestions to merge countries into one province. This was also discussed.

A second topic is the name of all administrative units that are not provinces. Four different names were used. To make it less complicated, one name has now been chosen: region.


Leadership is a recurring topic.

Respect for others, being able to work together, listening and setting an example are elements of servant leadership. This can be applied to personal leadership, leadership in the community, province and region and also at the general level. It would be nice if there were attention to future leadership throughout the congregation.