Museum of SCMM

One of the former chapels of the convent property at the Oude Dijk in Tilburg accommodates the museum of the Sisters of Charity.

Symbols of the litany of Our Lady inserted in this chapel’s stained glass windows manifest the life andwork of the sisters.

Please find below a survey of the museum’s layout.



The first column shows the symbols of the litany of Our Lady, together with the windows’ corresponding pictures. 
The last column explains which subject is being portrayed.


Cause of our Joy

1. Sources of inspiration
Spiritual vessel 2. Education and formation
Vessel of singular devotion 3. Works of charity
Mystical rose 4. Development of meditation literature
Tower of David 5. Convent buildings
House of gold 6. Missionary work
Ark of the covenant 7. Development of the rules
Gate of heaven 8. Use of the 'memorial book'
Morning star 9. Present and expectations of the future