Because of Covid-19 the sisters in Timor Leste have stayed at home for a few months, but they did manage to develop a few activities to help the people in their surroundings, because many of them were starving. Therefore, the sisters and novices distributed basic food supplies. The bishop asked Sr Eugenia to act as a coordinator for sewing face coverings to be distributed to the people, reporters and everyone who need them. The objective was to limit the Covid-19 infection. The novices and postulants worked together with their supervisors.
In addition, they were also active in gardening: the novices and postulants grew vegetables and cleaned up the garden around the formation house. Most of the people living in the surroundings of the formation house live below the poverty line. They have a very simple lifestyle and during the Covid-19 crisis, they are struggling to be able to provide for their daily requirements.  Many of the children are undernourished; the sisters and novices are trying to give them extra food. These activities are undertaken in collaboration with the Salesians who provide the financial means to buy extra food for the undernourished children.

Sr Teresinha Lemos and Sr Inocencia da Costa are two young sisters who prepare for taking their final vows next year. The three of us as the team, consider that this is a preparation for their future final vows. For that reason, they have been assisting in pastoral work for the last two months in the parish of Viqueque, only in Luka.
In June 2020 Sr Joanita, Sr Teresinha and Sr Inocencia together with the priest of the parish went to pay them a visit there. Sr Joanita will accompany the two junior sisters to Luka and take turns to be with them. The sisters will have to carry out the following tasks in Luka:

1.            to train the altar boys

2.            to hold a Service of the Word each Sunday

3.            to teach catechism

Below you will find a few photographs of their activities.