Heitel Santiago Community in Santa Rita

Two sisters live in our community: Maria and Joérica. We live in the formation house. We follow up on the Movement of Mercy in Heitel Santiago, Várzea Nova and Bairro Popular, in the Santa Rita region.

Sister Joérica is in charge of the Youth Movement of Mercy. We meet with the Movement of Mercy twice a month. Every month we organize a morning prayer service, with the presence of our Associates. Currently, Sister Maria is in charge of following up on the Elderly Ministry in Bayeux and Tibiri. Every Wednesday, we carry out Bible Studies in our house, open to the Community and to the members of the Movement of Mercy.

Sister Maria visits the Elderly Day Center once a week. Sister Joércia works with the Children Ministry and with the Cry for Life Network. Twice a week, she also gives a hand at the schools in Bayeux. She is studying Nursing in the evenings. We support the Our Lady Mary of Nazareth Community as much as we can. For us, a life of prayer is a priority!

Rua José Manuel do Nacimento, 25
Heitel Santiago
CEP. 58.300-000 SANTA RITA-PB 

Para correspondência:
C.P. 54
CEP. 58.300-970 SANTA RITA-PB

Telefone: +5583-3217-6044