Coronavirus pandemic

Information about the activities of the sisters from the Indonesian province during the Corona virus pandemic


1. The SCMM-provincialate in Sukadono, Medan

On behalf of the SCMM Congregation, the provincial council donated 100 aid packages to people in need because of the corona pandemic, regardless of their religion.
This took place with the assistance of the parish priest of Medan, Father Pio Helvetia (P. Fiorentius Sipayung, Ofm.Cap).   

2. The communities of St Gabriel & Rafael in Sukadono, Medan

In spite of their very difficult situation caused by the corona pandemic, the religious / spiritual formation of the SCMM sisters in the Indonesian province (communities of St  Gabriel and Rafael, St Thomas Unika, St Catharine and St Mary in Pematangsiantar) continued. The next photograph shows the conclusion of a retreat and the recreation with the communities St Gabriel and Rafael in Sukadono, Medan.

3. The St Melania Clinic in Sarudik, Central-Tapanuli
The St Melania-Clinic in Sarudik carried out the following activities to prevent the spread of the corona pandemic: 
a.         In collaboration with the association of the nursing staff (PPNI) the Melania-clinic distributed face masks to the public to protect them against being infected by the Covid-19 virus.   
b.         In spite of all its limitations the clinic tried to show their compassion to a few people who had been affected by the virus and were in need.

4. The St Joseph community in Gunungsitoli, Nias
We know that the Indonesian government has extended help to all members of society during the corona pandemic. The city council of Gunungsitoli has also offered assistance to religious communities. 
It is interesting that the offer of assistance was directly addressed to the council of the St Joseph community and the clergy house community of St Mary, as demonstrated by the photograph below. 
"I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, Who has given me strength, that He considered me trustworthy, appointing me to His service." (1 Timothy 1:12)

5. The Pratama Tabita Clinic in Gunungsitoli, Nias 
The Pratama Tabita Clinic received support from several private foundations in Medan, consisting of medical equipment and washbasins to prevent the outbreak of the coronavirus, as shown on the following photograph. 
‘Keep your roots deep in Him, build your lives on Him, and become stronger in your faith, as you were taught. And be filled with thanksgiving. (Colossians 2: 7)

  1. Medical equipment
  2. Washbasins, to prevent the spread of the corona virus
  3. Basic necessities for the employees.

The director of the Pratama Tabita-Clinic, Sr Odilia Manao, received resources from Caritas from the diocese of Sibolga (Father P. Michael To) to be distributed among the employees. The clinic was in a difficult situation because of the dramatic decrease in the number of patients caused by the corona virus, which resulted in it having to send a number of employees home. Therefore, the board of the Tabita Clinic took the initiative to offer these employees assistance by collaborating with Caritas from the diocese of Sibolga.

6. The Monaco-orphanage in Gunung Sitoli, Nias 
a.         Because of the corona virus the children were taught at home (on line). It is difficult to monitor 35 children for 24 hours a day. That meant that the sisters who supervised them were overwhelmed. They could not continuously supervise them during the learning process. Therefore, they had to find varying teaching techniques to prevent the children getting bored. This is shown in the photographs below.
b.         To show their involvement in the outbreak of the virus, the children from the Monaco-orphanage prayed a novena for all Indonesians, the government, the church/religious leaders and all people here on earth, every day at 15:00 hours for nine days. 
“Trust in God: if you are weak, ask God to give you strength. If you have no words, then speak with God; if you are lonely, God is with you.”

7. The hospital of Stella Maris in Telukdalam, Nias
“I will praise you forever for what you have done, and I will put my hope in your name; for this is what is good in the presence of your faithful.” (Psalm 52:11)
The Stella Maris hospital receives aid consisting of medical equipment from various sources to fight the corona pandemic.

8. The St Theresia-community in Lahewa, Nias
In spite of its limitations, the members of the St Theresia-community in Lahewa has continued to try to help people more in need than they themselves. This activity was enabled by the cooperation with the parish community of the Capuchins, the Lahewa Parrish. They went to visit people affected by Covid-19 and shared the primary necessities of life with those most in need. “However limited the help, it means a lot for those in need.”

9. St Vincent in Tuhemberua, Nias
The St Vincent-community in Tuhemberua, Nias has attempted to always provide help for a few families with the greatest needs, in spite of their own limitations. These families had not only been affected by Covid-19, but also by another natural catastrophe, i.e. a rise in the level of the sea water, which caused damage and loss of property for a few families living along the coast.  

10. The Community of St Marc in Maumere, Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT)

During the corona pandemic the sisters, together with the postulants, were able to work a patch of fallow land and to plant chillies, peanuts, eggplant and kitchen herbs during their leisure time. The next photograph shows them harvesting the chillies and peanuts. This not only allowed them to supply the needs of the community, but also to sell part of it to generate additional income for the community.  “Take care of the minutes, for the hours will take care of themselves.” (Lord Chesterfield).

11. The orphanage of St Joseph in Waikabubak, Nusa Tenggara Tiomur (NTT) 
The orphans of St Joseph who are looked after by the SCMM sisters have tried to fill in the long holiday at home with various activities, including keeping cattle to increase the income and thus provide for their needs, as shown in this photograph. 
“Try to do the best you can at this moment, for times really passes quickly; let us not have regrets later when time is no longer available.”

12. The orphanage of St Nirmala in Waipadi, Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT)

Because of the corona pandemic, the St Nirmala orphanage found it difficult to provide for the daily needs of the children. However, they did not give up. They used a plot of fallow land to cultivate vegetables and sold several other necessities of life, taking account of the needs and the financial capacity of the local community.


13. The lower secondary school (SMP) in Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan 
The Sanjaya-SMP in Banjarmasin offered assistance consisting of primary necessities to a few parents of pupils from the school, who had been affected by the virus. Hopefully this was useful.