Mary Ellen Ryley (Mel), SCMM: serves in leadership within the Post Province and is engaged in the ministry of Spiritual Direction.

A one-on-one relationship of deep listening with individuals seeking meaning in relation to his or her own spiritual/life journey.

Mel gives workshops and teaches in a training program for new spiritual directors.
Such workshops and teaching topics include: The Wisdom of the Enneagram; The Transormative Power of Dreams; Pathways to the Interior: experiences of Indwelling God presence through the practice of Inner Dialogue and Active Imagination in Spiritual Direction relationship.

Dana Sullivan: SCMM Friend

Dana is a full-time fourth grade teacher in a Cathalic school in Chicago.
In addition, she provides after school tutoring to struggling students.
She is very involved in St. Gertrude Parish.

She is very active in the choir for the Sunday morning mass - often accompanying the songs with her flute during the liturgy.
Social justice is one of Dana's passions. 

She takes part in public demonstrations for human rights. She is an active member of the parish Refugee Committee.