Our simplicity is merciful.
We share what is abundant
release what is superfluous
|give up what is not required
and cherish what remains.
Our simplicity is light and mild.

(from: Charity in your name)


For us as Sisters of Charity a simple lifestyle is important. We view simplicity as the separation of the main issues from the side issues in life. We do not see it as a competition in who can make do with the least.


The point is to weigh up consciously and constantly what is necessary and what is not. Each human being determines this for him or herself. Those who live simply deal carefully with everything given to them: relations, talents, power and material goods. In this way, we take account of others in our global society.

We live simply so that others may simply live.Simplicity makes life clear and transparent. Knowing what will suffice gives you satisfaction andpeace in life. Cutting out the frills allows you to become the person you want to be in essence.