Day 2: Wednesday the 5th of July


Brazil opened the second day with a short celebration focusing on "peace. Peace for the world, peace to work on together.

Broer Huitema CMM reflected on the homily heard in yesterday's Eucharist. It was about the synodal process that began on the day of Pope Francis' pontificate. It was a call to shape a new future together.

Sr. P. van den Bergh explained the financial report. This is the General Board's account to the General Chapter, as described in the Constitutions.

On the basis of demographic data, he led the Chapter through the CSF, old age, wealth accumulation and the situation in the various countries.

The patrimony stabile was also discussed. Guidelines were issued from the Vatican in 2018 that are already being worked on, but should take further shape in the coming years.

This report was approved by a show of hands.


Sr. Mel Ryley thanked the General Board for their efforts over the past years and relieved the four board members of their duties after which the General Chapter is the highest governing body.

On behalf of all the chapter members, the Dutch Province had an appropriate gift for the retiring board members: a lamp made of stone from the Himalayas with a tree of life visible on the front.


Each administrative unit had prepared a presentation about its own country. They were all inspiring presentations.