ICC, June 9th, 2022


We've reached the third day of our meeting! We started the day with a beautiful prayer led by the sisters from the Philippines. The theme of the day was: Mission – applying spirituality in mission.

Every country was invited to make a slide presentation about their mission, all the presentations were very inspiring, even though there is a decline in the number of sisters in Europe, there is still a lot of energy and vitality. During the pandemic, our sisters had to reinvent themselves, the mission didn't stop, they had to be creative to overcome the new challenges, they showed themselves to be brave women.

In the afternoon, we focused on the encyclical letter Laudato Si, care for our common home. Brother Broer helped us to reflect on the responsibility that we all must have with the environment, everything is interconnected. In small groups we answer the following questions:

Regarding the SCMM mission in your country in the context of Laudato Si, what are you proud of? What requires more attention?

It was common among the sisters to care for the common home, through concrete practices of environmental protection.