New email addresses and telephone numbers


From the beginning of he New Year a few important changes have taken place.

From now on the members of the general council will each have a mobile phone and in this way they may be contacted directly. Their telephone numbers have been included in the Register, which you have received by now, or which will soon be delivered to you.

We do not only have new telephone numbers, we also have new email addresses. These have also been included in the new Register. All email addresses in the Generalate will now end in instead of The next few weeks will serve as a transition period when both email addresses remain valid. We will let you know in the next Briefing when the old email addresses will no longer be in use.

The third adaptation in reference to access is the disappearance of the fax. From today you will no longer be able to reach the Generalate via fax. It turned out that the fax was no longer used over the past years. Everyone now sends information via email or letter.