Britain / Ireland

The first school run by the Sisters of Charity was founded in Pantasaph (North Wales) in 1861; it developed into the renowned St Aloysius High School. More schools, in Preston and Newnham-Paddox, amongst other places, would follow. In addition to education, the sisters took care of orphan children and looked after the sick. In 1961, Great Britain became an autonomous province. Gradually, the major works of mercy lessened and were replaced by work within the parishes and catechesis. In 1971, a new community was founded in Limerick (Ireland).

Until 2009, one community was based at Preston, which included sisters from another congregation. When the building was sold, almost all sisters moved to the rebuilded home at Pantasaph, which now accomodates eight sisters, some religious from another congregation, and also non-religious. Two younger sisters live and work at Queensferry and in the St.Joseph's Villa in Pantasaph, which also houses the provincialate.

Another three sisters live in Ireland: one in an elderly home, while the other four are still active in management, and working for the ill and handicapped.

Saint Joseph's Villa is up for sale.

There are three houses. Bryn Mair Convent  and Queensferry in  United Kingdom and Saint Andrew's, in Limerick, Ireland.
Bryn Mair Convent has six of our sisters and one sister from another Congregation.
Queensferry has one sister of our Congregation

In Limerick/Ireland lives three sisters.

We are all retired from employment,those of us who are able, in our own situation, work in a voluntary capacity,in social and pastoral care.