The Logo

In our Constitutions we read: “Trusting in the power of the Spirit he (our founder) courageously broke new ground; and he was prepared to take the risks which this inevitably brought with it.” (Art. 4).

The logo of the chapter shows a dove, the symbol of the Holy Spirit (Matthew 3:16). However, the colour of the dove is blue and red. The blue refers to the water in which we too have been baptised and anointed with the Holy Spirit, whilst the red refers to Pentecost when the Spirit appeared in the form of tongues of fire. Those tongues may also been seen in the shape of the wings of the dove. The dove rests on a hand, which however does not restrain it. The Spirit blows where he/she wills and we cannot receive the Spirit only for ourselves. The colour of the hand is brown, the colour of the earth. Particularly in this time, we are more aware of the earth than in the past, perhaps we see her as our sister and mother (See Laudato si, nr. 1).

There is a lot to think about and reflect upon, both about the theme and the logo of our general chapter in 2017. However, let us also pray to that Holy Spirit and entrust ourselves to His power.