Ibó Community

We live a suburb of the city of Belém de São Francisco, in the western hinterlands of the state of Pernambuco. Ours is a small place, highly deprived and basic. Our needs are considerable! We lack sewage and drinking water. Employment opportunities are scarce, and we have a high rate of youth violence (bank robberies, hold ups) and drug abuse (both production and consumption, considered illegal in Brazil), which lead to the unfortunate loss of young lives. In this context, we work with the youth and children, in an attempt to keep them from falling into that trap, to help them believe in themselves, to struggle for a decent life, always stressing that it is better to have less and be in peace than to have more and be restless and lose one's life. Households survive through small businesses; others are civil servants, small farmers (struggling to keep and often losing their holdings); others yet live on government pensions or family grants (Bolsa Família).

In our Community we work with the youth, teenagers and children, in an attempt to insert them in our Community life (taking part in the liturgy, choir, reading circles, psalm reading, both during our celebrations and masses and in the special Community activities (family gatherings on Fraternity Campaign, the Holy Rosary etc.). We also have weekly Bible studies and liturgy preparation together with the leaders of the Community. Formation in catechism, the Bible and liturgy are also offered to the promoters in the Communities; we follow up on the catechism leaders and attendants; we also organize and take part in the celebration of the Word of God in the communities. We pay visits and follow up on families, particularly those going through special hardships; we also pay visits to the school and the city jail. All those activities are carried out in cooperation with the Diocese and the Parish.

Belem de São Francisco
Rua Central no. 93


Telefone: +55 87-3806-1033