Cabadelo Community

Currently, two sisters live in this community. (Sister Lusinete and Sister Joanita). Both are members of the Parish Ministry Council, meeting once a month.

Sister Joanita follows up on the Voices of God Choir, whose members are mostly seniors very enthusiastic about helping the Church. Their contribution is their music. She also follows up on the Johannes Zwijsen Choir. This group belongs to the Dom Helder Center, but sings in the São João Batista Parish and in other parishes that need support.

Sister Joanita, together with two other Sisters from other Congregations, take part in the statewide Conference of Religions Coordination. Together with Sister Lusinete, she follows up on the Mother of Mercy Movement and on the Mother of Mercy Associates in Cabedelo.

Sister Joanita works at the Dom Helder Câmara Foundation from Monday through Friday. Sister Lusinete is about to finish her Social Work college education. She has practices from Monday through Wednesday. Additionally, we have a Meeting Center in our Community, and our mission includes welcoming groups desiring to hold meetings.

Rua Juarez Távora, 354
CEP. 58.310-000 CABEDELO-PB

Telefone: +5583-3228-1824