Bayeux Community

Our Community is comprised of three Sisters. We carry out activities in the outskirts of the city of Bayeux, more precisely, in the Mário Andreazza neighborhood. From Monday through Friday, we work at the Mother of Mercy and Mother Michele schools. Our priorities are our morning and evening prayers (05:30 and 17:30, respectively). In the evenings, we engage in Church activities with the public. We take part in meetings and formations in the Sacred Family Community. We are also involved in the activities related to Catechism and Liturgy at the São João Batista Parish. Together with representatives from the Ministry of the Minor, Father Xavier and two additional laypersons, Sister Kardene visits the youth in detention once a week. Sister Dalva is a member of the Movement of Mercy Coordination for adults, and is involved in the formation of the Associates. Additionally, she is a member of the Council for the Rights of the Children and the Youth at the city level (CMDCA). Sister Ângela pursues her college studies in the evenings. Continuous formation activities are scheduled at the weekends: Small Integrated Communities (Pequenas Comunidades Inseridas, PCI’s); local and regional Brazilian Conference of Religious (CRB); Province and OCP meetings, formations and meetings related to the Adult and Youth Movements.

Rua Francisco Pedro de Andrade, 901
Mario Andreazza
CEP. 58.309-760 BAYEUX-PB

Telefone: +5583-98815-1674